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Tage nach dem Erdbeben

Dear friends

A brief update on our earthquake relief activities to date:

Tuesday April 28th we had a look around our immediate surrounds and Genla Kunchuk Palden distributed rice to the villagers of upper Chobhar.  It came to our attention that lower Chobhar village had been very badly affected.

Wednesday April 29th a team set out for the lower Chobhar village after breakfast.  We brought our own shovels, tools and supplies.  Pushpa a member of the school staff who lives there was able to act as our guide.  It was a devastating sight – Pushpa told us how she had been working in the fields behind the village and watched as entire houses crumbled.  35 families have lost their homes, 10 people have died, one man is missing and many other are injured.  We divided into 3 teams – the majority of the nuns started to work to clear the rubble and try to help the families salvage anything of value.  They recovered kitchen utensils, cloth, blankets, helped to move furniture and kitchen equipment out of destabilized buildings.  Another group went to buy food supplies, which we then distributed.  With the help of a local nurse Mena who had also cared for our own guru Ama we sent a team to buy medical supplies.  Mena set up a temporary clinic in the tent the villagers have erected and began treating peoples cuts and wounds.

That was our work for today.  Seismically it has been a very quite day so we are hoping we can sleep inside tonight!

Warmest fionnuala (29.04.2015)

(Anmerkung Pundarika DACH: Fionnuala Shenpen, Direktorin Tsoknyi Gechak School, Tsoknyi Gechak Ling Nonnenkloster, Chobar, Nepal)



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